Wedding bells & freaky tales...

Not that u care, but reports alleged rapper Kanye West and light bulb (whoops!), I mean Amber Rose have made secret plans to get married in the Dominican Republic. And yes, his outfit this week is similar to an extra from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

This sounds typical, Diddy is said to have dumped Cassie and has proposed to baby mama, Kim-"it's that Diddy money!"

Po Rihanna, after her face healed up and her career skyrocketed, she's been posing nekked for a couple mags. Yes, bukked nekked! Would Chris be wrong for asking her for a 15% finders fee? I mean technically, she IS makin' mo' $ now...i'm jus sayin'.
And to top off the daily nonsense, Kim Zolciak from ATL Housewives in a lesbo? Somebody with a camera caught a few shots of her and her R.O.D. (Rosie O'Donnell).And her chick has a striking resemblance to Brett Favre. Yeah. That bad.

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