Rapper from QB stabbed?

Not that you know who he is, but an artist from Queensbridge Projects was stabbed on Christmas Eve. Cyan Brown, a female out with 2 male friends waitng on the bus Thursday nite, was accosted by a the rapper, named "Blackbox".
The original story led reporters and police to believe that she was attacked and raped by 8 men right outside the projects. Later, police found the story to be totally false. Apparently, one of her friends bumped into the rapper and a feud started. After the argument insued, she was said to have thrown her drnk on one of the men and stabbed the rapped "Blackbox", who died before authorities arrived at the scene. This incident is still under investigation.

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Stealing Jordans?

As funny as it may sound, the culprit got away with quite a few thousand dollars worth of Jordans. The newest editions to the Air Jordan collection, the Jordan Space Jams, were stolen out of a store the night before their release to the public. Police reports say that although every size of the new shoe were stolen, no other shoes or merchandise were stolen from the Foot Locker. Sounds like an inside job!

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1132-Pimp in Distress!

Once again, the funniest pint sized pimp in comedy finds himself in the middle of drama.

Katt Williams, outside a night club in Los Angeles got into an argument with someone and the situationescalated. Although the nature of the quarrel is unclear, there are reports and photos showing Mr. Williams strapped! After a heated debate with a patron of the club, he apparently raised his shirt up and showed his "piece" to the other party. After security got involved, everybody went home. How does it feel to have somebody 5'1 pull a gun on you? Is it believale?

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Crotch of Fire

The son of a very high raking bank executive in Nigeria almost blew his testicles off on Christmas day, by accident.
Extremist Farouk Abdulmutallab, a known member of several terrorist organizations, including al Quaeda, was arrested and brought to a hospital in Detroit, MI, Friday. Investigators report that he had a powdered explosive that ignited in his lap on a flight headed to Detroit. After another passenger extinguished his fiery love nest, the plane made an emergency landing in Detroit, where he was arrested on site.

This isn't the first incident involving Abdulmutallab. Eight years ago to the day, he was also arrested on the same airline (Delta) for having a powder formed bomb in the heek of his shoe that exploded mistakenly. Is it safe to say this guy isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer?

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Doctors prefer working in jails over hospitals

The latest trend in healthcare is turning a lot of heads in medicine, and prison?

Employment reports for recent medical grads shows a big percentage of them finding employment in local jails & state prisons. Many new medical practitioners state there is better pay, hours & benefits for working in state facilities, as opposed to working in conventional hospitals. Aside from a change of scenery, records indicate that starting salary for correctional physicians is $140,000 a year, almost a 30-40,000 increase! Most of these new age physicians claim they do not feel threatened by the endangering environment, and say the benefits are more than worth it. Amazing, criminals can get the same if not better treatment in jail than you and I, the taxpayers funding these prison systems!

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A Face Off with Mr. Cage

What is it with these Hollywood people paying their taxes! Sheesh!!

Actor Nicholas Cage is being sued for 36.7 million dollars by a real estate company he has failed to pay. Resources claim he exaggerated about his assets, which was the reason they approved the loan in the first place. Already behind in repayment of a 5 million dollar loan, Mr. Cage is in a position many entertainers have recently faced. His overextension has also cost him a whopping 6.3 million dollar tax debt. His attorneys are scrambling to liquidate his assets as we speak. Maybe he should call Sinbad and make a straight to DVD movie about being broke in Hollywood, just a thought!

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Season's Beatingz!!!!!

This isn't a joke, even tho' it's hilarious!!!

Apparently the other night in a night club called M2 in New York, Mary J Blige was out with some family and her guy "Kendu" got molly-whopped. Records aren't clear on how he got beat down or who handed it out, but they say Mary was drinking heavily that night and he and Mary's brother had an altercation. So much pain....Mary needs a reality show!

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Slangin Tractors!!!

In Bullitt County, Kentucky, two local good ol' boys were robbed of their $30,000 tractor. Police say they found the property close to 30 miles away on the crook's mother's property. They claim it was easy to track down the thief because he tried to sell it on Craigslist 1 county away. How stupid can u be?

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Santa Gettin' It In!! Literally!!!

Around 10am Tuesday morning in Nashville, TN, a jovial, full dressed white man dressed as Santa Claus came into the bank and told everybody to "Keep still, don't make a move...put the money in the bag". He took off but before he left he told the bank employees his reason for robbing them was because he had to "pay his elves." Luckily, nobody got hurt

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Bang for your Buck!!

In Baton Rouge, LA, a brotha who worked for a construction company came back to the job after being laid off and opened fire and killed 2 employees. He was wrestled to the ground and stripped of his firearm after leaving the premises by a foreman on the job. When asked why he did it, he stated "They wouldn't give me my unemployment!"

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Talk about a knife in the heart!

A man in Warren, Michigan was reported to have been stabbed in the chest by a robber, and the knife never came out! A local diner owner states that the knifed man walked into his establishment and asked for medical assistance after walking nearly a mile from where the incident occurred. After scarring off customers and bleeding all over the place, workers assisted the man and contacted an ambulance for him. Police claim the man is in stable condition and will be released soon.

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Do Unto Others As They've Done Unto You!

In Lahore, Pakistan, 2 men were arrested for attacking a young woman and cutting off her nose and ears. Reports claim one of the men was trying to pursue a relationship with the woman, and when turned down, he and the other man killed her and dismembered her face. Authorities in Pakistan have strict policies that are in conjunction with Islamic beliefs that "any man who sacrifices a woman, himself will be sacrificed." Both men were stripped of ther nose and ears, imprisoned for life, and forced to pay out $700,000 to the woman's family. If America had laws like that, man!

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Coonery & Buffoonery: Day 1,448

This may not be surprising to some of you, well honestly, it isn't shocking to me either.

In Atlanta(A!!!!!), a local club hosted the first annual "Fried Chicken & Malt Liquor Eating Contest." Yeah. I have no info or pics of the winner, and do not plan to get them or update this post. If you or somebody knows him, do me a favor and smack him in the face with a sock filled with wet sand! THANK YOU!

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"Rose" from 227 dies at 63.

Acclaimed actress, Alaina Reed-Amini, died from a 2 year bout with breast cancer. Known also for roles on "Sesame Street", "ER" and several plays, she will be missed by many in television and theater. Her career spanned some 20+ years. She leaves behind 2 children and her husband.

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Beanie Sigel in near fatal accident!

On Saturday, police reports indicate rapper Beanie Sigel was in a very serious car accident. He was driving in the snow and a tractor trailer ran him off the road? Hospital records show he suffered severe injuries to the face, arms & legs, but is doing much better.

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He Did What???

Apparently Houston, TX is a breeding ground for foolishness, and my favorite show on A & E (First 48). But now, it has broken new barriers.

Reports were recently released that Oct. 24th, in a perfect, elegant wedding, the best man lost his mind. As couples were two-steppin' it up, the best man pulls out a gun, busts shots in the air, and steals a crystal decanter full of cognac? Yeah.

Once the police arrived, the groom claimed he really didn't know his best man that well, and he met him in a game of b-ball? Of course, police don't believe him and the cognac-bandit is still on the prowl. Now, if it was Remy 1738 or better, I partly understand. Let me find out it was some Hennessy!

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Let MJ Rest in Peace!!

If paparazzi hasn't destroyed this man enough, now the FBI has put their 2 cents in.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations recently released over 338 pages spanning the last 17 years of the pop icon's life online. Every charge of child molestation to small claim lawsuits are now available for you, the public. The information is accessible on the FBI website for all you sick people who have no life and want to tear apart this legend even more.

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Getting Pregnant is a Crime!!!

Well, it is in Northern Iraq if you are in the army. Any soldier who impregnates or gets pregnant will be court-martialed and brought up on charges similar to a soldier goilg a.w.o.l. These are reportedly a few soldiers who have been recently court martialed and are awaiting trials. Yeah.

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7 Days of Growth

Celebrate the holidays by enriching your family, your community & yourself by giving yourself...celebrate Kwanzaa ("first fruits of the harvest"). Adapted in 1969 by Maulena Karenga, the purpose is to focus on family, commerce, self improvement & community responsibility. Kwanzaa is celebrated Dec. 26 - Jan 1, and it's 7 guiding principles (Nguzo Saba) are broken down as follows:

1. KUUMBA-expressing creativity & using creative energies within family & the community.

2. UJAMAA-practicing cooperative economics & teaching family & the community.

3. KUJICHAGULIA-learning self determination and improving discipline.

4. UMOJA-maintaining togetherness within family & the community.

5. UJIMA-being a part of collective works & responsibilities.

6. NIA-looking within self & setting personal goals.

7. IMANI-building self worth & self confidence.

If you look at the 7 principles of Kwanzaa, I think we all admit this is what we lackin the Black community. Kwanzaa teaches us what it means to be African & human.

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December "Real 2 Reel"

"Before I Self Destruct" (50 Cent, Clifton Powell). After his mother dies, 50 has to do whatever he can to save himself and his brother from eviction and the ills of being in the hood. He teams up with Clifton Powell and makes a living being an enforcer. Now with the money and the power he has the girl of his dreams-but you can never escape the vultures of the ghetto. Accompanied with a full length soundtrack, this movie is a step up from his last work.

"Staten Island" ( Vincent D'Gnoirio, Ethan Hawke )The story of a mob boss who plans to take over all of Staten Island. When his henchman get word of his new ideas, they try to kill him. Shown from a 3 part perspective, the family's boss is robbed and pushed to his limits. Although the storyline is a bit unrealistic at times, it still plays out to be a pretty good mob flick

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You're An Angry Pig!

Remember when you were a kid and there was always the one kid who got mad when they didn't get their way? Well, they grow up to be police officers.

On Saturday in Washington, D.C., over 200 people gathered to have a snowball fight. Everybody in attendance braved the cold temp to have a good time. An off duty, plain clothes officer, who happened to be driving thru the area instantly became part of the snow fight-only, he took it serious. A 911 call reports he was driving his car thru the snowball fight and his vehicle was struck with several snowballs. He was then cited exiting his vehicle with a drawn weapon. No one was hurt, but moreso unclear of his rage. Sounds like somebody needs a hug!

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Actress Brittany Murphy, dead at 32

Known for her roles in the movies "8 Mile", "Clueless" & "Don't Say A Word", Brittany Murphy died today. Stemming from a 911 call at 8a.m. this morning, Murphy was reported DOA upon arrival at a local hospital. Records indicate she died of a heart attack. A full autopsy will be done soon.

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Chester Alert!!!

I hate a "Chester", especially when it's a celebrity. Well, he's not that big of a celeb, bu Shane Sparks is definitely a pedophile. Known as a judge on "So You Think U Can Dance" was arrested yesterday for committing lewd and sexual acts on a 14 year old girl back in the mid to late 90's. The girl in question remains nameless until the trial begins, but reports do indicate she was a student at the Millenium Dance Complex in LA, where he was an instructor. I hope they fry his sick a**!

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Being Broke Ain't Funny!

America's funny man isn't laughing today. The AP indicated Sinbad has filed for bankruptcy. Apparently the washed up comedian owes over 8 million in back taxes and over 50 million to creditors-huh? Yeah.

Now that he is down to his last $50K, the IRS will be helping him with his "garage sale". Save money this season & shop @ Sinbad's!

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Still broke?

Today the U.S. Senate passed a bill to extend filing for unemployment until February 2010. Initially, the cutoff for benefits was Dec 31, 2009, but due to the increase in unemployment, it was extemded 2 months.

Currently, any unemployed individual has the opportunity to apply for benefits which would cover them for 99 weeks. Resources state that with the lack of funds available, that time may be shortened to only 26 weeks, depending upon the legislature of each state.

Currently 1 in 10 A mericans are unemployed. This percentage only applies to the unemployed who receive benefits. This number does not reflect those who don't receive any financial assistance.

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Straight Outta Africa

Seems all members of al Quaeda aren't Arab. The AP indicates today that 3 African men were arrested on criminal charges including drug trafficking & continental terrorist activity.
Apparently, the 3 men also have ties to several Islamic groups as well, which is how they were being monitored & eventually caught. They will be brought to NY on Friday and charged on several counts of illegal international activity.
What does that mean? My research found that international crime holds a much heavier weight than a local bank robbery. International drug trafficking alone holds 10-25 years per pound of controlled substance. The terrorists charges are double that depending on the type of weapons confiscated.

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Like Father, Like Son

Believe me, I couldn't make this up even if I wanted to-In Chatanooga, TN, a 4 year old boy was brought into a police station for theft. Allegedly, the toddler's father was recently sent to prison. The boy missed his father so much that he felt the only way to see him was to get arrested. Some way, the kid took a beer out of his dad's cooler, drank it, and wandered down the block and into an unlocked neighbor's door! After stealing a few gifts, the police spotted the boy stumbling down the street wearing one of the gifts he took, which was a girl's dress? They later took the boy to the hospital and pumped his stomach. No charges were brought against the child, however police are questioning the mother about her whereabouts when the incident occured.

i'm not passing judgement, but that boy's mama needs her a** beat!

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You Got Whooped by a Girl?

It's bad enuff to catch a beatdown from security, but it's even worse when it's comin' from a woman!

In an old musty gym in Cairo, Egypt, the latest trend sweeping the desert is women bodyguards. Although these ladykillers aren't licensed to carry arms, they are licensed Aikido experts. The country reports some 300+ women have trained vigorously and become everything from personal bodyguards to security officers. It's safe to say domestic violence is down in Egypt!

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Cocaine & Weed Tax Increase Coming

Today in Punta Vista, Mexico, a true tradegy occurred. The leader of one of the biggest drug cartels was gunned down by the Mexican Navy. Arturo Beltran Leyva, along with 6 other members of the Beltran Leyva Cartel were ambushed, ending an ongoing feud. Be that this was one of the biggest cartels known to history, yes, crack and weed is gonna double now-hell somebody's gotta pay!

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35 years-And He's Innocent!!

James Bain, a 54 year old Florida man was arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape of a 9 year old boy in 1974. With the advancements of DNA, he was exonerated of all charges this week, proving he had nothing to do with the incident. This is the longest imprisonment in U.S. history for a falsely accused inmate. Imagine that!

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Worthless updates...you'll see!

Lawyers of famed rapper T.I. state there may be a possibility of an early release. They are stating if approved, he may be released to a halfway house to serve the remainder of his sentence. Good! Maybe he can have a real sit-down with his wife about her melting face & why she did the show on BET!

Sources are advising that Lil' Wayne will begin his 1 year sentence in February 2010. Hopefully now we can hear somebody else on the radio-well be that everybody he just signed to his record label,Young Money sounds just like him, I guess not!

I guess lickin your lips for over 20 years ain't enuff! LL Cool J was overlooked to be inducted by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the spring of 2010. Maybe next year wet mouth!

And finally, Kid Cudi was thrown off the Lady Gaga tour for punching a fan in the face at a show in Vancouver this past weekend. I guess off brand alternative pop rock doesnt mix with off brand alternative pop rap! Can you name one song by either of them? Me neither!

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The Smartest, Dumbest *!+@)&?

So you think America is still the safest place on earth, huh? Well maybe this will change your mind. Earlier yesterday, Homeland Security reported to the AP that documents on tactical procedure & policy "leaked" onto the internet. These documents contained viable information about secret headquarters containing military gear, security posts, and other info referencing top lawmakers whereabouts. In other words, the G-14 classified information that none of us regular folk know nothing about is available online. First, a couple strolls into the White House, now this? What's next, home videos of Michelle & Barack?

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Drive to the end zone

Ok, apparently wide receiver for the Cincinatti Bengal, Chris Henry, is in critical condition. Earlier this morning, he and his fiancee got into a domestic dispute (yeah, prolly went in his phone)-she ran out the house, jumped in the pickup and proceeded to pull off. Henry allegedly sprinted to the vehicle, jumped in the bed of the truck as she continued to drive off! Some kind of way he was tossed from the truck, and is now in the hospital? Here's the odd part of it all-dude is on the injured reserve list already for the Bengals! So, the question is, did he intentionally hurt himself more to stay on the bench and keep gettin that check? Or is it another case of infidelity gone wrong? Hmmmm.

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All I Want for Christmas is...for Kanye to take my award!

People magazine released it's "Top 25 Most Intriguing" list this week, and guess who's on the cover? You're absolutely right-the girl you love more than 59 cent cheeseburgers at McDonalds---Taylor Swift! She was noted as being America's new "Golden Girl?"-Not sure if that is a reference to the show, sure hope not! I know 'Ye is somewhere slitting his wrists! Sheesh!!

Other named in the list were of course Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Mo'Nique? Wtf? They listed her as the top "breakout star"-okay, is that for her role in "Precious" or her skin?
And ya boy Tyler Perry, b.k.a. Mr. TBS was described as "Mogul of the Year." That's great Tyler, now all u gotta do is have a real or at least halfway funny script for all your shows. Also, it wouldn't hurt to give out a complimentary box of Kleenex with each movie pass!

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Illegal to squeeze cheeks?

In Dallas, TX Monday evening, a uniformed female sargeant was out buying gifts when the black version of Quagmeier (Family Guy), came outta nowhere and grabbed a handful of her "Christmas cakes!" The officer asked the man why he would think that was okay, and after a few seconds of the dumbface, she slapped a shiny new set of cuffs on him and took him to the concrete hotel. The squeezer was not intoxicated, however after his arrest he stated he had never seen a backside so.....endowed. Wow! Talk about a handful!

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Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

I guess it's safe to say the Danish not only make a good breakfast snack, but open quite a few cans of whoop a**! Earlier today, Danish police arrested 250 unruly protestors who were demonstrating outside a U.N. meeting. After unleashing the dogs and a few gallons of pepper spray, the activists were placed in cuffs. Although the protestors were released hours later, this barrage of angry countrymen have been kickin' it off since Sunday night! With a total of over 3,000 arrests in 4 days, my only guess is they're not gonna back down! Stand up for your ri-ights!!

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Wedding bells & freaky tales...

Not that u care, but reports alleged rapper Kanye West and light bulb (whoops!), I mean Amber Rose have made secret plans to get married in the Dominican Republic. And yes, his outfit this week is similar to an extra from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

This sounds typical, Diddy is said to have dumped Cassie and has proposed to baby mama, Kim-"it's that Diddy money!"

Po Rihanna, after her face healed up and her career skyrocketed, she's been posing nekked for a couple mags. Yes, bukked nekked! Would Chris be wrong for asking her for a 15% finders fee? I mean technically, she IS makin' mo' $ now...i'm jus sayin'.
And to top off the daily nonsense, Kim Zolciak from ATL Housewives in a lesbo? Somebody with a camera caught a few shots of her and her R.O.D. (Rosie O'Donnell).And her chick has a striking resemblance to Brett Favre. Yeah. That bad.

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I Now Pronounce you Man & ...Man?

We live in a world filled with debt, reality tv and, oh yeah-gay marriage. Today the DC Council approved same-sex marriage. Is being in a homosexual marriage that much more important that just being in a homosexual relationship? Do they still exchange rings & what 2 figures are on the top of the cake? Yeah, who's on the cake?

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Spam in the White House?

White House intelligence discovered 22 million emails missing from the staff of the Bush administration today. Evidently, law prohibits any tampering with documentation after a president's term. C'mon, 22 million emails just now came up "misplaced" from 2003'-05'? And I'm supposed to believe that's all spam, huh? Yeah, iight!

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Iraq in Illinois?

Just when u thought it was safe to visit somebody in jail, there is a possible plan in the works to transfer 100 or more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to a high level security prison in Illinois. Considering Chicago alone is already booting cars 24/7, Newports & Remy are getting taxed everyday, the last thing I want on my mind is knowing highly skilled terrorists are only 45 minutes away! Meanwhile, the Governor said he thinks it's a good idea and will possibly bring "more jobs to Illinois." Huh?

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Cuttin' up!

Apparently a 1st grade teacher has lost her damn mind! After one of her students continued to play with her hair after being told to stop, the teacher cut off one of the little girl's braids! Then proceeded to throw the hair away and asked the child, "What are you gonna tell your mama?" The little girl was Black, no info on the teacher as of yet. The school moved the student out of the class and has yet to reprimand the teacher...okay...let me say this if u touch a black child's hair-u might get shot, stabbed or both!

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Are u Sexting?

In Ontario, Canada a police sargeant sent "sexually explicit" messages to his wife on a mobile phone provided by the police department. Apparently he had over 400 msgs coming in & out over the course of a work shift!! That is a lotta freaky typing-make sure when the police write u a ticket to disinfect ur hands!

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Tell em' why u mad son!

Apparently, the young Mike Tyson, (a.k.a. Chris Breezy) went on a twitter rant complaining that major stores weren't carrying his new album. Filled with expletives and the usual "nobody likes me" jargon, Breezy is still mad @ the world! Shameful!

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LIVE! Mary J. Blige

On Dec. 20th, TNT will air a live Christmas musical special featuring the queen of Hip-Hop, her majesty, Mary J. Blige! Should be a good program-full of tears & drama...let's hope not, lol.

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Top 4 Ideas for a "Broke Christmas"

Money tight? Gifts from the Dollar Store sound too cheap? Lemme upgrade u!!

Here's a few holiday tips for those of u ballin' on a budget:

#1. Cook dinner for your family. Christmas isn't all about the gifts anyway, so why not help out your mom by cooking, buying some food, or helping out with the setup-it will be appreciated and u won't look like a complete failure for the day!
#2. Make picture albums for your family. Nothing shows u care better than giving back pictures that everybody else already has! Go to your local Wal-Mart & get a photobook for about $5-10 and fill it up! (Don't try this 2 yrs in a row)
#3. Make Christmas cd's! Create a festive cover on Photoshop or any editing program, download some ol' school hits (u can't go wrong with the Temptations or Luther), and wrap em' up!
#4. Write a special holiday poem for your family! Anything from the heart is a tear-jerker...put it on a nice grade of paper from Staples-nobody will notice u didn't buy anything!

Tis the season 2 be frugal!

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"The Real 2 Reel"

"The Janky Promoters"- (Ice Cube & Mike Epps). A comedy showing you the downside of faulty promotion. Cube & Epps team up to bring Young Jeezy to Modesto, CA for a show neither of them can afford. Full of funny one-liners, car chases & shootouts-this is definitely worthy of coppin' the bootleg! (I only say that because I didn't see it in the store)

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Gotta love it!

In the spirit of the holidays, I'd like to personally thank VH1 for their display of ignant women flocking desperately to a washed up part time celebrity, Ray J. It's bad enough he considers himself a platinum artist (counting all 4 albums-none of which I've ever heard), but I'm still wondering what possessed any tv channel to feel he was worthy of a show? Hell who am I kiddin they gave Flav a show and now we get to watch Fantasia get her GED. How liberating for uneducated singers with down-the-drain careers!

And of course, Diddy. Hilarious!! Watchin the little white dude fallin to keep raindrops off Puff was classic! The "do-boy", negro of course, dodgin cars and a tropical rainstorm was humorous, but turned slightly gay when he and the white boy shared a bottle of wine in their robes on Diddy's yacht-wtf? Yeah.

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Pay attention

checkin in!

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Disappointment after disappointment...

Am I a Bears fan? ALWAYS!!! Do I agree with the cuts? NOT AT ALL!!! Who do I blame? You guessed it, Gay Cutler. Forget the fact he's had over 20 interceptions thrown since the beginning of the game (not including preseason), but he has so many faults. Yeah-I'm finna get in his a$$!!!!

First off I don't know and never knew why the media pumped him up so much like he was the next Jesus Shuttlesworth. He was a regular dude then, and a regular dude now. The only difference is that he is a regular dude with problems. No ability to scramble, still firing down the center, and not knowing how to hit his routes on time. I could blame the wide receivers and backs for failure, but the QB is the head of the team. He makes the plays, he calls the shots! And since he hasn't connected, HE IS THE WEAKEST LINK! It'd be wrong for us to attribute his talentless antics to his caucasion background, so I won't, although...lol

Secondly, he still hasn't shown me why he is the most sought out QB in the game, as the sports announcers have mentioned. Lovie, granted has made mistakes in play calls, but once again Gutler is the captain on the field. Weak offensive line, routes ran wrong--it's bad! Do I hate the Bears this season.....yeah! Will I still be a fan after they bump Lovie, downgrade Cutler and bring back Urlacher-Definitely! Meanwhile, GO SAINTS!!!!!

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The Jacksons. WHY?

I respect the fact that the Jackson 3 1/2 (sorry Randy) are doing the new show on A&E in respect to their lost brother and for the fans. But honestly, do u give a rat's medula abligata about what wave grease Jermaine uses or what Tito does for a good time! Of course, Geechie Dan, whoops! I mean Papa Joe will be making guest appearances throught this long and painful series! Amazing how everybody found a way to rejuvenate their pockets off Michael's death! Sad, black people, sad!!!

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BANG! North Korea police seizes 35 tons of bombs!

35 Tons of weapons seized out of a plane today in North Korea! Do u realize how much that is? Apparently, the recession still exists! You shouldn't write it off as just more international crime, you should ask who were the 35 tons of bombs & explosives going to? Yea, in case u forgot we're in the middle of a war. I'm far from a rocket scientist, but I'd go out on a limb and say maybe we need to get our ignant a**** outta Iraq/Afghanistan /Pakistan/Iran or wherever we are in the sand!

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What can I say that hasn't been said? Told ya so? So many people have views on black entertaners & athletes, apparently WE are exciting! And the only reason WE even care is because it involves their forbidden fruit, white women. Had it been 12 girls from "For the Love of Ray J", its not important. But the fact that he promotes a fatherly, honest clean guy makes this America's problem. Why? Cuz he cheated on his wife with a bunch of better looking pr porno girls who were smart enuff to save vmails & sexts? So are u mad that he is cheating on his wife, lied about his image, or just mad cuz he's with snow bunnies! Either way u weigh it...him stepping outta the game isn't smart. This is how u eat! Granted he has "transgressions" as he so eloquently put it, but u still gotta eat...right? All I'm sayin is if I was a bigtime producer and some chicks came out & said I had relations with them and my wife found out-I've sill gotta job to do!

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