Deadly Tiger no "Woods"

Amazingly enough, there are still people who believe wild animals are their pet because they keep them in their yard-WRONG!!!

Canadian Norman Buwalda, 66, was mauled to death by his 650lb. "pet" tiger in Southwald, Ontario when he tried to "feed it." Folks, this is a tragedy, but honestly, what'd you expect? It's a tiger!!!!!!

The mayor spoke to the news reporters in Ontario and stated, "He treated the tiger like family" Really? But okay here's the funny part...not only did a 10 year old boy get half mauled in 2004 on his property, but Buwalda was the head chairman of the Canadian Exotic Animal Owner Association. His neighbors fought for years to get him to get rid of the animals, and he fought all the way to the end, literally...irony.

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