Grammy Night: The Sad Rundown

Ah Yes! Grammy Night! A mystical event that always leaves spectators in awe, and confusion.

Lady Gaga...always the outkast, skip-tripped into her usual solo of weird, erotic alternative showcase. Followed by Pink who apparently felt dangling herself from a king size flat sheet and dripping water on the 150+ fans below was a way to steal the show. Then followed Black Eyed Peas with choreography led by the black tin man from Wizard of Oz himself,

After a neverending performance of I'm a, I'm a, they were followed up by the always foolish Jamie Foxx and Mr Big Ass Chain himself, T-Pain. Evidently producers thought it would be even more exciting to bring Jamie's sister on stage to "dance" and top it off with a 4 minute and 7 second guitar solo for Blame It On The Alcohol.

The party didn't stop there! Up next was what was supposed to be a 3D tribute to Michael Jackson featuring Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood & Usher. Nevermind there not being a need at all for 3D glasses, unless you enjoy looking at still life's in 3D, but all 5 singers did a great rendition of one of Mike's greatest songs.

Moving on, there was a quick crowd shot of Quincy Jones, who bears a striking resemblance to Paul Winfield-that's not a compliment, but....okay...So they award MJ the Lifetime Achievement Award or something to the affect, and his "kids" accept the award on his behalf. (pause) Maybe the kids look like MJ's with 3D glasses, but on the screen I watched....moving forward...Mary J & someone who sounded like Pavorotti sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters...beautiful song...but I think Mary let Dionne Warwicke do her hair....I ain't sayin, I'm just sayin.

Wyclef, the man in the middle of controversy, treated us all to a Creole lesson by going out on a limb to repeat once again he is for Haiti, and always has been-think we got the message Clef, thanks, stage right!

Up next was America's Sweetheart, Maxwell featuring Roberta Flack? WTF? Granted, I'm a huge fan of her work, but they did one of her songs, which isn't a remake on his album and had no tie to the theme of the show. (sigh)

This was followed by other poor setups (Mos Def in a valet outfit), a few people got awards I've never heard guessed it....the Negro Moment of the night!!!!! Wayne, Drake & Eminem accompanied by drummer Travis Barker composed an electrifying performance! Too bad CBS bleeped out 85% of it! Thanks for keepin' it clean fellas!

Of course, Taylor Swift won Best Album of the Year. I know Kanye is somewhere takin' shots of Hennessy slappin' himself!

You could smell the tension between Jay & Beyonce, but no friction between the big homie & Rihanna when she won her award! I'm smitten by you two!!! As a side not, B, the extra large cotillion shoulder pads aren't necessary when you reach 21.

Overall, a pretty dull and uneventful showcase of artists you either never heard of or are tired of hearing about! Nuff said.

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