Obama The Pimp? WTH?

In an attempt to solicit financial and political support against the White House and Democrats in Congress, TeaParty.org sent out an email to its members likening President Barack Obama to a “health care pimp”

The email was sent by Tea Party founder Dale Robertson, the same man who was photographed last year carrying a sign comparing Congress to Slavemasters and Taxpayers to N——

From Talking Points Memo

The photograph– showing the president as a stereotypical African-American pimp, sporting a pencil-thin mustache and a zebra-striped, fur-brimmed fedora, complete with a feather — illustrated the theme.

The email goes on to explain that Democrats still plan to pass health-care reform despite Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts. It asks readers to send faxes to Congress, and to donate to TeaParty.org. And it contains an exhortatory quote from Robertson, identified as the group’s “President/Founder”: “I am greatly encouraged with the progress of the Tea Party, but our work has just begun!”

Talking Points Memo reports that the Republican leadership is not on board with Robertson’s strategy and is keeping its distance from the group.

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  • I believe in freedom of speech, but when is it too much? Like it or not Obama is our President, and he deserves respect!!!

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