In these days, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good sense of orientation when you are driving. It is enough if you have one of those devices known as satellite navigators (aka automotive navigation systems or satnav) at hand.

But those gadgets are not cheap at all. Currently, the most inexpensive satellite navigator costs about $100, and the most sophisticated one costs about $400. Besides, if you need additional services such as traffic reports or suggestions about how to avoid traffic congestions, then you have to pay a monthly subscription.

However, all of this might change soon. Satellite navigation is moving more toward the mobile phones market. And now, Nokia has launched a free satnav service, which is called OVI Maps. This service does not even require an Internet connection in order to operate.

In sharp contrast with other similar services, the OVI Maps users won’t have to update the maps themselves or download several updates from Internet. Instead, Nokia stores those maps directly (and automatically) on mobile phones.

These days, Vodafone is launching and promoting some interesting products in the field of Internet access through a 3G connection. One of those marketed products is the new MiFi 2352 (an intelligent Mobile Hotspot for European HSPA Networks). So, this is now an additional option Vodafone users can pick if they need an Internet 3G connection.

The MiFi 2352 is a small device (it weighs hardly 100 grams) that can works as WiFi router as well as 3G modem to access Internet through mobile networks by using a computer or even any device with Internet connection like a smartphone, a video game console, a media player, etc.

It can be configured to operate in two different modes:

1. To work as a WiFi router: This MiFi is able to act as a conventional WiFi router (just like those used in many residential and corporate environments). In this case, the 3G data connection can be shared with up to five computers or other devices.

2. To work as a USB modem: It also works as a conventional 3G USB modem. So, you can connect it to a USB port of your computer in order to have Internet access wherever you want. Of course, you need an adequate mobile Internet plan, and in this case, only your computer will have Internet access through the MiFi.

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