Black Historian: Jesse Adams (Artist)

Born in Jackson, MS in 1946, Jesse Adams was born with a gift. Skilled on so many levels, he found his true love, art, at an early age. From drawing cartoons and caricatures of classmates in grade school, he found that his talent superceded his counterparts. Going on to Jim Hill High School in Jackson, MS, he found that not only did he have talent, but also was very gifted in other subjects such as History & Language Arts. These skills catapulted him into college at a very early age, and by the time he was 19, he was already teaching college in Memphis, TN.

While receiving offers from several colleges to teach Art & History, Mr. Adams still knew that he had a true passion for art. From designing an art piece on the 30 ft sports annex wall at Jackson State University (which still stands today), to doing a retirement portrait of legendary Grambling University coach Eddie Robinson, his ideas had come into fruition. He has worked with some of the top art galleries in the US including the Art Institute of Chicago.

Awarded numerous awards from "Who's Who" & several colleges throughout the midwest and south, he went on to teach in Rock Island, IL, where he recently retired in 2008 after 25+ years in the school system. He is now in the process of a 13 city tour with his work, traveling throughout the US. His goals now are to take the work he has done over the past decades and make it available to the public.

Here is a few samples of this legendary artist's work. If you would like to purchase originals or prints from this artist, please contact us at

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