The Brawl For It All: Zebra vs. Crocodile

THIS is the incredible moment a zebra fights to release itself from the jaws of death.
The brave beast fought desperately to free itself from the fearsome Nile crocodile's giant mouth.

But after a tiring battle going on for nearly HALF AN HOUR, the striped stallion was finally dragged under.

This picture was taken at the infamous Mara River in Kenya, east Africa.

In the height of the dry season zebras and other animals come in from the Masai Mara plains to drink at the river.

But lurking beneath the water are hundreds of huge Nile crocodiles — which can grow up to 18ft and weigh a fearsome 500lbs.

Despite knowing the risks, a herd of zebra were caught on camera nervously drinking from the treacherous waters.

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