I Dont Think So!!!

Never try to come between a woman and her purse!

Kendra Coffey, 22, was listening to her iPod and taking a leisurely stroll in her Chicago suburban neighborhood, when she was approached by a man who claimed he had a gun. When Coffey glanced at the object in the robber's hand, she thought it looked like a piece of black wood. The robber then tried to snatch Coffey's purse, but she put up quite a fight, refusing to let go it. The thief won out and fled with the purse, but Coffey gave chase.

The assailant jumped in to a waiting getaway car. The driver sped off on the wrong side of the street with the door open. The hell-bent young woman managed to get hold of her purse again and wouldn't release it while trying desperately to climb in to the speeding vehicle. "I was half in, half out," she said. "They were dragging me about half a block."

Coffey tried to death grip the vehicle, but as the driver gave the car the gun, she fell off. Luckily for Coffey, she had worn a thick winter coat that cushioned her from sustaining more serious injuries. There were a few onlookers who had witnessed the madness. Luckily, they were able to give police details about the vehicle, because Coffey had no recollection of specifics since everything happened so quickly. "I was shaking. I could barely talk," she said. "It was amazing how much everyone helped. People usually don't stop and speak up and say what happened. They say, 'It's not my problem.'"

The courageous young woman had just deposited some money in to a bank account and did not want the thieves to gain access to it. When the man approached Coffey and tried to take away her purse, she says, "I just snapped."

The young victim says that she had $20, her driver's license, house keys and other valuables in that purse which was never returned to her. "I've got to get a new everything," she laments.

Thanks to eyewitnesses, though, police caught the two suspects, Pierre Seawood, 30, and Gaspare Braccioforte, 29. They were charged Monday with aggravated robbery. The purse-snatching duo were also charged with strong-arm robbery for a separate incident that occurred earlier this past Sunday.

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