Spicy Dinner Turns Deadly

A woman has been found guilty of murdering her former lover by poisoning his curry.

Lakhvir Singh was convicted at the Old Bailey of killing Lakhvinder "Lucky" Cheema after he became engaged to a younger woman.
The 44-year-old laced Mr Cheema's food with the deadly Indian herb aconite when he broke off their secret affair in order to marry 21-year-old Gurjeet Choongh.
Mr Cheema, 39, had been due to marry Ms Choongh on Valentine's Day last year.
But Singh could not bear the thought of the union and hatched a plot to make sure it would never take place.

On January 27, Mr Cheema and Ms Choongh both became violently ill after eating leftover curry which had been in the fridge of their home in Princes Road, Feltham, west London.
Within hours, Mr Cheema was dead and Miss Choongh was fighting for her life.
Singh, of Southall, west London, was found guilty of murdering Mr Cheema and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Ms Choongh.

Edward Brown QC, prosecuting, said the couple had been "looking forward to a long and happy life together".
He added: "That future happiness was cut short in a most terrible and cruel way.
"It was their very happiness and their intended future together that brought about the devastation that came to bear down upon them.
"Perhaps jealousy, anger and revenge all playing their part, Lakhvir Singh decided to poison them using an extremely toxic and deadly poison."

Singh and Mr Cheema, who were related by marriage, had kept their affair secret for 16 years.
Mr Cheema had been married when it started but divorced in February 25, 1999.
Singh was married with three children.
Her husband has cancer and was abroad receiving treatment at the time of the murder.
Singh is the first person to be convicted of murder by aconite poisoning since Dr George Lamson, who was hanged in April 1882.
Aconite is known as wolfsbane in the UK.

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