Total Memory Loss For Mystery Man

A SMARTLY-dressed man found on a beach has NO IDEA who he is, say cops.
The freezing mystery man was rushed to hospital in Brighton, East Sussex, with severe hypothermia when he was discovered unconscious two weeks ago.

But when he came round he appeared to have suffered total memory loss.

Police say he speaks very good English without an accent but he cannot remember his name or where he lives.

Officers today released a picture of the mystery man in a desperate bid to identify him.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "He had a few personal belongings with him but nothing which has enabled him to be identified and had no cash so it is a real mystery for us.

"His nationality is unclear although his English is good without any apparent accent and appears to have some general knowledge of South East England but no home address.

"He has given two names but it is thought these are products of his imagination albeit given in good faith."

Police have circulated his description to police forces nationwide, to the Missing Persons Bureau and to the charity Missing Persons - but they do not match with anyone.

He is in his late 20s to early 30s, 6ft tall, slim and with dark straight hair.

He was found between Brighton's two piers and was wearing smart, suit-style grey trousers, a black Next shirt, a pin-stripe grey suit jacket over a woollen Urban Island hoodie.

Inspector Roy Apps said: "At present there is no reason to believe this is anything other than a genuine memory loss and we hope someone sees his photo and tells us who he is."

In 2005 a German became known as the Piano Man after turning up on a Kent beach apparently suffering memory loss and then playing flawless classical music in hospital.

Andreas Grassl, 20, had previously bombarded German television stations for years with requests to appear on their shows and to superstars for help to launch a career in the media.

He finally achieved a different kind of fame during four months of psychiatric treatment at NHS hospitals in Gillingham and Dartford running up bills of £40,000.

He refused to speak, expressing himself only by drawing and playing a piano, and the mystery prompted a hunt across Europe to identify him.

After four months Grassl claimed his memory had suddenly come back and he remembered he was from Bavaria - 800 miles from the beach in Sheerness, Kent, where he was found "traumatised" and unable to speak.

He had no identification, no money and the labels had been ripped from his suit.

The Bavarian farmer's son later claimed he must have suffered a mental breakdown.

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