WTF? Teachers' Lap Dance Video Sparks Uproar at Canadian High School

The kids are calling it “Two Teachers, One Chair,” and it has all the makings of a YouTube hit.

But school administrators and parents are hard pressed to find humour in a graphic lap dance caught on video between two teachers at a spirit rally at Churchill High School in Winnipeg last week.

The two teachers, one of whom was identified by students as phys-ed instructor Chrystie Fitchner, have been sent home without pay after the spirit dance before 100 students as young as 13 years old. The identity of the male teacher could not be confirmed. Efforts to reach Ms. Fitchner Tuesday night were unsuccessful.

The whole routine has since been distributed on the Internet, thanks to the footage captured on a student's cellphone camera. The Winnipeg School Division is investigating.

Fourteen-year-old Saigha Vincent was filming the teacher dance-off at the Gym Riot spirit assembly last Wednesday for Grade 9 to 12 students at the Winnipeg high school.

The routine began with the female teacher, sporting pigtails, seated on a chair, her legs spread, hips gyrating. Bumping beats played in the background and the male teacher approached between her legs, his hips swiveling to the beat.

Less than five seconds into the routine, the Grade 9 student and her friends went from giggling to staring at their sometimes very strict instructors in disbelief.

“At first we were laughing and then it was like ‘Oh that's a little too far.'”

But it went even further.

The female teacher threw her head back and thrust her one leg out as the male teacher continued to dance over her. There was butt-slapping and further gyration. Then the man dipped his head down between her legs and simulated oral sex.

“He is sticking his head into her crotch, into her private area,” said outraged Winnipeg school trustee Mike Babinsky, who saw the video Tuesday. “I don't know if they're making contact, but it's way too close.”

He said he is dismayed at the teachers' behaviour and is glad the school is taking disciplinary action against them. He says he is waiting for the investigation to comment on whether he will lobby for further disciplinary action.

“I would expect a higher standard from teachers in any school in Canada,” said the long-serving trustee and father of six children. “I want them to be role models for our kids. I want them to set the bar high.”

Principal Michel Chartrand could not be reached for comment Tuesday night. Winnipeg School Division trustees received an e-mail from the school board Tuesday to decline requests for comment from the media.Meanwhile, concern about the incident continues to ripple through the school.

Thirteen-year-old Grade 8 student Montana Fortier said the “whole school was rattled” after the assembly. Though the assembly was meant for older students, she caught some of it through the gym doors.

“Even a lot of students in Grade 8 or Grade 9 are worried about how this would make the school look.”

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