All The Single Ladies!!! Top Ten Dating Rules

Ladies, we've all been there before. You meet a guy, he's sweating you and pursuing you with a vigorous passion. Whether it's an instant or delayed response, you decide to give him a chance and begin dating. Next thing you know you're being wooed, wined and dined, and in a few weeks you're floating on cloud nine, because there isn't anything more refreshing than the novelty of a potential partner. It doesn't take long before you start tossing around the idea that this could really go from casual dating to a real relationship, and in the blink of an eye you get hit with real-deal feelings for the guy.

We assume that since the guy was initially the one head over heels, all systems are a go , and putting all our cards on the table is wise move. Wrong! It's right at this turning point where many of us ladies falter and forget that men aren't like us. The way they think, rationalize and take action aren't the same. Like in chess, it takes just one wrong move, and you're sitting on your couch surrounded by tissues, in a brainstorm session with your girlfriends trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

In a perfect world, games would never have to be played. But we don't live in a perfect world. However, knowing the rules may keep you from having to play so many games. Here are ten rules every single gal should live by in the first two months of dating. Pump your brakes, and stay sane!

1. Never ask a guy out
Even in our post modern society where men do respect an independent woman who can do for herself, the thrill of the chase still remains. Men will swear up and down they would rather not deal with a difficult woman or one that is to hard to reel in, but they secretly really do love the challenge. Hard to get still works, because men are smart enough to know nothing worth it comes easy.

2. Never advertise
Branding yourself in business is great, but in your love life? Not so much. Guys recognize that a woman who is always advertising to potential suitors what she can do is also a woman covering up a lot that she can't deliver. There's no need to always state how much you can cook or how much you enjoy watching football. If it's true, actions speak louder than words and he will soon see. Instead of putting all your selling points out there, let him discover your added value.

3. Never do house dates
If you start having dates in the house, you will always stay in... the house. Granted we are in a recession, but work it out, because when you're first dating someone it is good to see how they interact with not only you, but the public as well. Blockbuster nights are cool but not exactly appropriate for the first few months of dating. You won't be able to check your guy on romance later on, if you never started expecting it from the jump.

4. Never pressure him into introducing you to friends/family
Why do you want to get to know Tyrone when you're still getting to know your man? Guys will allow you meet his boys, his mama or his daughter when they feel comfortable. Most guys feel that bringing a new woman into their "other world" is a major move, and pressing the issue will only cause them to retreat. Realize you've been around for a few weeks, and these people have been in his life for much longer. Don't force the issue; you risk losing the sincerity of the introduction.

5. Never try to control anything but yourself.
When things don't go the way we want, a few of us go-getters will try to control and manipulate the situation so that it makes more sense to us. When getting to know someone and building a foundation, reach that level of maturity that allows you to know that what will be done will be done, and you can only control how you react. That isn't to say just put up with just anything, but knowing you can't change anyone is important. When it's all said and done, you can only change your own perspective and actions.

6. Never apologize for having standards
Standards are essential; they ward off all the losers. Whether your standards are high or specific make no apologies for them, it is okay to want what you want. What you accept from him in the beginning is what you will have to continually tolerate. Period.

7. Never try to think what he is thinking
Trying to think for him, especially in the beginning, will have us lost and mistaken. A man's mind doesn't work like ours, and with the pressure society puts on them, more than likely their thoughts are not as love focused. Nine times out 10,what you you may think is deep and serious, he hasn't even thought twice about. Instead of assuming and being wrong, it's much easier to ask and discover.

8. Never invade his privacy
No matter how tempting or how angry you may be, don't cross the privacy line. That means no rummaging through his drawers, peeking at his cell phone texts when he's snoring or popping up unannounced to his crib for a "surprise visit." Whether your intentions are good or not, invading his privacy is like putting him in a choke hold -- he'll start to feel he can't breathe.

9. Never tell everything
The idea of leaving something to the imagination doesn't just apply to your attire, it also applies to your personal business. While it's good to tell the truth, it never works in your favor to put every secret, every past relationship, every wild moment that transpired out in a dinner conversation. He may open up to you and share his heart, but please believe he's leaving out a few details. You don't want any big reveals early in the relationship to later be the reason he runs for the hills when something goes wrong. "She did say she slashed her ex's tires..."

10. Never let a guy be your only activity
No matter how fun and amazingly connected you feel in the first few months, stay busy with other things. Outside of your job, there should still be other things going on, so that all your energy and time isn't invested in your suitor to prematurely. Tying it all back to rule No. 1 -- guys love a challenge, and there is nothing challenging about a woman who is up under them and always available. (Jai '10)

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