British Disabled Couple Banned From Sex At Night

A British middle-aged couple who claim that sex and TV are their only luxuries are seeing at least one of those luxuries trimmed down by council chiefs.

The Scottish Sun reports that Alan and Fiona Hay claim council officials banned them from having sex between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. after a neighbor's child told a teacher about the noise.

The couple say their sex sessions only last five minutes because he has asthma. Alan Hay, 50, complained to the council on Monday.

The Sun reported that he said, "It's total nonsense. My wife and I are both disabled and I can assure you that we are not swinging from the light-shades.

"We are not screamers either -- we cannot believe it. Sex normally only lasts around five or six minutes due to my condition so it's not as it we are at it all night."

Alan Hay also has epilepsy and cares for 43-year-old Fiona, who has myotonic dystrophy.

ANI reports that the Penicuik, Midlothian, couple received a warning letter from officials on March 14 after a neighbor's child told a teacher they could hear the twice-weekly sex sessions. They have also been told that they could be taken to court.

A neighbor who refused to be named told the media that a few people had complained about the noise, saying they are loud and "some of the talk is very dirty."

A Midlothian Council spokeswoman said the county has a duty to respond to complaints regarding tenants.

Earlier this year a British women whose noisy sex sessions were officially branded anti-social behavior was warned she would face jail if she fails to stop the excessively loud lovemaking.

While in New York City a recent poll showed that neighbors' noisy sex is keeping many residents awake .

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