ChaseBeatz Releases Free Beattape Online

As promised, producer Chasebeatz has released the highly anticipated beat collection titled "The Rail." This collection is a combination on jazz fused with break beats & hip hop vocals swirling in & out. Known mainly for his "Soul Selector" Collection, a 7 disc tribute to soul singers from the 70's, he has set his sights on new genres to come.

"The Rail" consists of a variety of samples from some of the elite to the unknown jazz greats. Although there is no track listing and most of the tracks are no longer than :45 seconds, the timing on the blend almost makes you forget where one ends and the other begins.

Other works under development are "Delic Horror"-a project we've been told is a chaotic blend of psychedelic rock & hip hop. Also, the long awaited "Borderline Genius" which he states is, "the best work I've ever done" is considered to be therapeutic. Period.


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