New York state Senator Eric Adams is launching a campaign to discourage kids from wearing saggy pants. If only he could stop the skinny jeans phenomenon, then and only then will everything be right with the world.

If his campaign is successful, young men will be able to run, skip and even walk without looking like a bow-legged toddler.

The Brooklyn lawmaker released a YouTube video over the weekend to encourage young people to demonstrate their confidence by pulling up their pants and ending the sagging pants trend.

For those unfamiliar, the trend involves a young man wearing his pants right above the knee, held there precariously by a belt. This leaves their boxer underwear completely exposed for the potential catastrophe of a strong wind. The trend was started in the '80s, when pants were worn loose right below a guy's hips with a belt.

Adams also unveiled a new billboard campaign throughout the borough with phrases like, "Raise your pants, raise your image!" to encourage young Brooklynites to pull their pants up.

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