Teachers New Grading System, "Loser"-WTH?!?

North Carolina middle school teacher is in the hot seat over his controversial style of teaching. He says he's relating to his students, but teachers at Memorial Middle School in Sioux Falls have a different opinion.

"To me it's somebody thinking that it was going to be funny, and I guess I don't see that as a humorous statement."

Julie Ortman, a sixth grade teacher at Memorial, is referring to comments like "minus 20% for being a loser" made by the teacher in North Carolina, not once, but twice, on a sixth grader's homework assignments -- even after the mother of the student
complained to school administrators that the teacher was bullying her daughter.
For her part, Ortman believes in a different approach: "I just know for me personally I have a list of one hundred one ways to praise a child."

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When teacher Chuck Weis heard about the comments made on the student's papers, he thought of it not just as a teacher but also as a parent.

"When I come to school every day I have one hundred nineteen kids that I'm their parent for nine hours of the day. When I drop my son off at school, I want to feel that same thing -- that these people are there working for me in my place."
The North Carolina teacher has apologized, and the school district there is calling it a personnel matter.

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