WTH? Nas Decides Now Is The Time To Get His High School Diploma?

For him to be one of the most prolific emcees known today, he never graduated from college. Now, after the album sales slumped off...time to go to school, smdh!

Nas was on hand at the Boys and Girls Club’s 43rd annual National Keystone Conference in Pittsburgh to drive home the importance of education and leadership.

The elite lyricist spoke candidly about his personal life, admitting that he never finished high school and regrets the decision despite his years of a success as a musician.

He now plans to obtain the diploma, and urged those present not to make the same mistake.

“The reality of it is, you need to keep educating yourself, and I wish I had stayed in school,” Nas explained. “Be your own leader.”

Nas, along with Ne-Yo and former NBA player Bob Lanier, were brought in by the Keystone Club, a subgroup within the Boys and Girls Club that emphasizes leadership through community service.

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