Ludacris Is The New Spokesman For Magnum Condoms

There’s a piece in today’s Times examining the relationship between Magnum condoms and hip-hop. Like Cristal before it, an “unsolicited lift by hip-hop artists” (i.e., rappers name-checking Magnums in their lyrics) has boosted sales of the brand by 14 percent.

Trojan, which owns Magnum, has decided to capitalize on all this free advertising by turning it into not-free advertising. The company has hired Ludacris as a spokesman for Magnum’s first ever ad campaign, which will include print, online, and radio ads, as well as a contest soliciting the best Magnum-themed lyrics. But what are the best Magnum-themed lyrics that already exist?

They are also hosting a $5000 contest to see who can come up with the best Magnum jingle. Go to for details. I'm sure there are alot of ladies who are with me on this visual DAMN!.......Ms. Jai '10

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