"If We Catch You, We Will Kill You!!!"

In the southern part of Italy (Rosarno), it just got real. Story goes, there were several African migrant workers there living in abandoned building working on a few projects for the city when a native Italian pulls up in a BMW, shoots one of them, and drives off. A police officer pulls up shortly afterward and is told of what happened and his response was, "It's not my job"-wtf? They had to contact the Red Cross to get the wounded man the medical attention he needed.

After that, some 2,000 people poured into the street in outrage with everything from sticks to rocks, protesting the killing. Police tried to quiet the outraged Africans, and after a few hours, the riot died down. The following day, they assembled again in front of the town hall but were cut off by a van with a PA system, and a voice. A voice that simply said, "Any black person hiding in Rosarno should get out, because if you are caught, we will kill you!"

Police tried to move the migrants from Bari to Naples and still they were being harassed. Law officials claim that most of the workers are now ok, but still fear for their safety.

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