"Negro Dialect"-WTF?

Democratic Senator Harry Reid was quoted, and I repeat, quoted saying "Obama could be successful as a a Black candidate in part because of his light skinned appearance and speaking patterns with no Negro dialect"-wtf? But goes on to say he isn't a racist and has made many advancements for the African-American community.

I dont care what you've done for "our" community, making comments like that further lets me know, yes, you are a racist and use your political tactics to help us as a front for your scheme to help aid "the man"....oops, did I just say that?

Anyway, he goes on to say what he has done for Black folk and what he continues to do and made a short apology for his misuse of words...not "Hey Black people sorry for saying how I really feel", but "Hey, sorry the mic was plugged up and you heard that." Yeah.

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