9th Grader In Custody After Shooting Classmate

MADISON, AL - Huntsville Hospital officials confirmed late Friday evening that a ninth grade student died after being shot inside Discovery Middle School. Todd Brown, 14, was shot in the ninth grade hallway. The alleged shooter is another ninth grader. He is in custody.

Brown died at Huntsville Hospital. Earlier Madison School officials were at the hospital with Brown's family.

Madison authorities held a news conference shortly before 5pm Friday to release the latest information about the shooting. They will hold another news conference at approximately 8:30pm.

Dr. Dee Fowler, Superintendent of Madison City Schools, said the shooting happened about 1:45, during a class change in the ninth grade hallway. Fowler said a ninth grade student shot Brown. As soon as that happened, a school resource officer rushed to see what happened, as well a school nurse. Emergency personnel responded to the school immediately, and were with the injured students by 1:48pm. They came from just across the street from the school, from Madison Fire Station 2.

Dr. Fowler said the school immediately went into an emergency procedure they hoped they'd never have to use. They immediately went into lock down and made sure everyone was safe.

The student victim, Brown, was rushed to Huntsville Hospital. Emergency responders had already notified the trauma team, and hospital workers were waiting for him.

Fowler said the school started to release students to parents around 2:15, after they determined the school was secure.

Madison Police have the shooting suspect in custody. His name is NOT being released. Police Chief Larry Muncey asked everyone to keep Todd Brown and his family in their prayers.

Muncey also expressed that Friday's incident was isolated, and Madison Schools are safe. Muncey's son attends Discovery Middle School, and his son will be in class on Monday morning.

Muncey did not release further information about the shooting. He said it is an ongoing investigation, and he did not want to hamper it in any way.

Madison Mayor Paul Finley urged people to pray for the Brown family, and the students of Discovery Middle School. He said city leaders will continue to work through the weekend with local churches and counselors to make sure students get the counseling support that they need.

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