NEW MUSIC: Soldier of Love (Sade)

Soldier Of Love (Sade)
Built up from the anticipation for the last 8 years, I nearly ran into the store to get a copy of Soldier of Love. Frantically I tore away the plastic, peeled off the security sticker, and like the little boy from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory who got the golden ticket, my face lit up. And in tradition of every Sade album since Diamond Life, I must let it play in it’s entirety.

“The Moon And The Sky” is the opening track, which sets the mood for the cd. Beautiful acoustics & ambient sounds compliment each other over the always creative percussions of her band, Sweetback. Up next is the 1st single that was released for the album, “Soldier of Love”, which, if you haven’t heard it, is fused with crisp marching snare rolls, guitar licks & the melody of a passionate love song, all in one.

“Morning Bird”, which is the 3rd track, starts off very cinematic with violins & a somber piano leads into the verse “How could you/you are the river…”. I cannot explain in detail the depth of the lyrics Adu offers to this piece. Sad and beautiful at the same time. With the incessant amount of songs attributed to deadbeat fathers & men, the next song is a true testament to real men everywhere. “Babyfather” (your daddy’s life come with a lifetime guarantee) is a reassurance to children that there are good father's in the world.

“Long Hard Road” is a ballad that executes the resonant Sade sound. She advises in the lyrics that it’s gonna be alright. Backed with an acoustis guitar, this tune is one that you will definitely replay. The lazy afternoon delight of “Be That Easy” tells the tale of being let down and seeing the light at the end of the day. The balance of the guitar, again and Sade’s voice is incomparable on tracks like this.

“Bring Me Home” is a twisted story with a somewhat eerie yet relaxed uptempo groove. Crying, Put me on a plate with petals and a fire/And send me out to sea/Turn my angry sword against my heart/And let me free show the diverse simplicity in being ready to give up. Followed up by track 8, “In Another Time”, Sade grasps the emotions of downtrodden girls and advises them that one day, the tears won’t leave a trace. This cut in particular has all the elements of beautiful music, feeling & sincerity. Truly one of the best on the album.

Known for having some of the smoothest instrumentation, “Skin” takes you back to the vibe of Love Deluxe. Expressing how I’ve gotta wash you off my skin/cuz you’re not right within, this melodic piece once again shows the depth of her writing. Period. As all Sade projects, the last song is the conclusion to the story, and Soldier of Love is no different. Through all of the hurt & pain, she expresses that her heart has no bounds and is “The Safest Place.”

In an age where it is easier to download, I recommend that you buy this album. You will not be disappointed. From start to finish, you will find yourself captivated by stories of love, pain & security. Thank you Sade. (Chasebeatz, '10)

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