Wonder Why You're Lonely This Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day for some is a reminder of failed relationships and an even bigger reminder that you’re still single. Women can point out the flaws of every man they’ve been with but never stop to realize you are sometimes the common denominator. Could it be the type of woman you are that keeps your Valentine’s Day so lonely?

There are four types of women no man can stay around too long, if you can relate to any of the descriptions below, you may just be one of them.

Ms. Deranged

If you’ve somehow gained access to your guys Facebook account then yes, you are Ms. Deranged. It is a rule of thumb that if you have to snoop in your relationship then more than likely you shouldn’t be in it. So if you have done this, and got caught, you shouldn’t be surprised if he went running for the hills. No one likes their privacy invaded and it’s an instant turn off!

Ms. Stage 5 Clinger

If you’re a stage 5 clinger, this may sound familiar: you get hooked fast, and it isn’t long before you’re blocking your number and resending text messages more than once to get a response. Honestly, this kind of behavior is downright scary. You don’t like when it’s done to you so why do this to your man?

Ms. Independent

Men love a woman who can take care of her own, and you should never feel bad for doing this. However, no man wants to feel as if anything he can do you can do better (even if that is the case). The ego of a man is fragile and making him feel as if he has no purpose can leave him feeling useless which will then cause him to leave you. Swallow your pride and let a man take care of you for a change, you might just like it!

Ms. Doormat

Ms. Doormat treats every guy she talks to like he’s her boyfriend, even when the title has not been given or a commitment been made. She gives her all to prove she’s girlfriend material. Men prey on this kind of woman because it’s easy. Ms. Doormat usually gives her “man” the message that to be her mate he doesn’t actually have to prove his worth. No man wants a pushover and he will soon move on to a woman that gives him a challenge. Hopefully he’ll do this before you invest the many years most doormats put in before realizing he won’t change.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be lonely, no day of the year does. But in order to find Mr. Right you should ask yourself “am I one of these types of women?” If you’re answer is yes, you just might be the common denominator that’s ruining your relationships and Valentine’s Day. The solution is simple, make a few changes. In the meantime, this V-day show yourself some love or hang with the girls. For now it’s just as great. Don't sit in the house, eating pizzas, watchin "Wating To Exhale" & talkin on the phone to the other man-less women! You will wake up bloated & lonely-Love yourself!!!

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